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How To Raise Money For Real Estate Investing with a Private Lender

Updated: Feb 14

One of the biggest barriers to entry in real estate investing is being able to find all the funds you need at the ready. And real estate is a highly valuable and lucrative market, so it is only fitting that it takes a lot of capital to get started. However, one of the most widely-used ways of acquiring that capital is via a private lender.

How To Raise Money For Real Estate Investing

What is a private lender? A private lender is often an individual or an organized group dedicated to serving out some of their own funds to borrowers in the hopes of securing some returns in the future. There exist private lenders in all kinds of markets, for instance venture capitalists in entrepreneurship circles, but private lenders mostly focus on real estate and real estate investing opportunities. These lenders though have made huge successes in life via making smart business choices and investment opportunities such that they can now lend their financial services to those who have a case strong enough for them. As such, a private lender is most likely going to be an expert in the industry, have a lot of connections, capital, and resources at their disposal, and be willing enough to share their guidance and wisdom as you explore your investment ambitions. There are several options to which private lenders can offer so you are not limited to one specific alternative. As mentioned, private lenders are well-versed and experienced in the real estate industry such that they can offer loan packages of varying shapes and sizes. Additionally, since this process is widely-used all across the US, its practices are very reliable and simple to execute by true professionals.

There are a lot of benefits that come with a private lender when acquiring capital for a real estate investment. You can get funding for projects of varying degrees, ranging from type of property to appraisal value to a repayment schedule. With private lenders, there are a lot of freedoms and limitations one can get with their services that you might not get with other acquisition options. For instance, private lenders offer both Hard Money and Soft Money solutions, meaning that private lenders are well-versed in the two major types of real estate investment financing. They can support short-term projects as well as long term projects all while providing fair and competitive rates. Additionally, private lenders require very little effort and documentation on your end as the lenders are well versed and experienced in the market such that they know exactly what kind of information is necessary to get things started. As a private lender, Stratton Equities offers many competitive benefits and easy, affordable rates to help ensure that its borrowers’ investments and properties are properly secured.

Overall, private lending is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to raise capital for real estate investing. There are other options, such as a traditional bank loan, but they come with their own challenges that are much less efficient than private lending as well as operating under an entirely separate form of benefits. In the end though, we here at Stratton Equities are delighted to offer our services in helping you finance your real estate dreams.

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How To Raise Money For Real Estate Investing with a Private Lender


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